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During the weeks and months to come, with the help of wine lovers, we will be compiling a comprehensive database of wineries all over Italy. There is a winery search area on almost every page in the website, so feel free to search for wineries by name or locality.

If you would like to add a winery, please click on the “Add” button below or on the main menu bar. When we receive your submission, we will contact the winery and ask them to complete a much more detailed profile which will be added to the database.

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Featured Winery
Barone Ricasoli - Castello di Brolio
Ricasoli is the oldest winery in Italy, meaning it has been under continuous cultivation for over 1500 years and producing delicious wines that have rolled across the palettes of Etruscans, Romans, medieval princes and modern folk alike. Today it is the largest winery in the Chianti Classico area: Brolio Castle, where Baron Bettino Ricasoli invented the Chianti "formula" in 1872, is surrounded by 1,200 hectares in the communes of Gaiole and Castelnuovo Berardino. Valleys, hills, woods of oak and chestnut trees, 240 hectares of vineyards and 26 hectares of olive groves, all enjoying the beauty and the wide variety of soils and climate in this central Chianti area.....
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