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The region of Campania on the south-west coast of Italy is home to one of the world's most famous and most beautiful coastlines - the Amalfi Coast. This spectacular area draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to enjoy the mildness of the climate, the exotic vegetation of palms, lemon and orange trees and the remarkable sandstone cliffs which plunge dramatically into the turquoise Mediterranean sea.

It is on these cliffs, where man has constructed one of the most magnificent road systems in the world, driving over which will have you bracing yourself for the next fabulous view at every corner.

Campania is not only famous for what is probably the most romantic coastline in the world, but also for the remarkable garden-covered islands of Ischia and Capri and the fabled city of Pompeii where lava from Mt. Vesuvius almost instantly covered one of the ancient world's most advanced city centres and quite literally froze the every-day of humanity 400 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Although not as many tourists travel south of Salerno which is at the southern most-point of the Amalfi coast and is an enormous city, we recommend you take the time to visit Paestum, Palinuro, the grotta of Pertosa and Padulla, which you can read about on the subsequent pages.

The important thing to remember about Campania is that it is a very large region and in the countryside, while it is still very beautiful it is also still very poor and not many people speak English in these parts. The point is, that it is important to know where to go and what to do when you get there in regions south of the Amalfi Coast. Whil this region south of Amalfi is improving in many instances there is still much to be desired.

With a population of almost 6 million, the Campania Region is one of the most densely populated in Europe, even though, because of widespread poverty, millions of Campanians left the country and emigrated abroad, particularly to the United States, Canada. As a result of this widespread dispersion, the Napalese dialect is the most recognized of all Italian dialects.
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Following the hair-raising coast road on the Amalfi peninsula you will encounter a sea-bound landscape of fragrant citrus orchards and flowering bougainvillea. Take your time, explore, and look closely - the plunging coastline hides tiny fishing villages hugging hidden coves.

One of the "must sees" is the Gardens at Ravello.

If you don't want to drive the Amalfi Coast, one of the important things to keep in mind is that you join a cruise from either Sorrento or Naples, or if you want, you can very easily charter your own boat and see the Amalfi Coast from the water, which is a truly magical experience.

During your cruise you can also visit the islands of Ichsia and Capri - two of the most exciting playgrounds of the world's rich and famous.

In Campania, take all the time you can. Stop for a long lunch and a longer dinner to enjoy every mouthful of the stupendous local cuisine. Try the baked, stuffed artichokes (Carciofi ripeni all napoletana), dried figs on sticks (sproccolati) or the mouth-watering pizza, which originated in Naples. You'll be offered a wide selection of wines, but don't leave without trying a cold glass of limoncello, a local digestive made from lemons.

This is just a very cursory survey of what you can see and do in Campania - but there is much, much more. It's truly wonderful to visit this area with a local who can show you the best of what this region as to offer. For various tours and wonderful suggestions of what to do and see as well as to dine, don't hesitate to contact us: We will provide you with the most up-to-date information about the best tours of the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Pompeii within 24 hours.